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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weekly Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I saw this movie last week and. It. Was. Amazing! The plot, characters, settings, god, I just loved everything!

But one of my favourite parts was the magnificent acting by Rooney Mara (who played Lisbeth Salander)

Isn't she pretty?

I haven't read the original novels (I certainly want to after watching this movie,) but the character Rooney plays just fascinates me without end! I just desperately wanted to see her happy ending! I wanted to see her love another human being! I wanted her to see the other peoples weren't just tools and could be trusted!

But sadly, things don't always go the way we want them to.

So much crap happens to her throughout the movie, that it's no wonder she's so screwed up. I mean, she gets raped be her friggin financial manager for christ's sake. Is it through genetics or past events the reason why she's mentally insane? Very little is given about her past, I want, no, I need to know more. She confesses towards the near end of the movie that she tried to kill her father when she was ten. But why would she do this? Was her father sexually abusing her? Was he beating her mother? So many burning questions left unanswered!

Considering her very dark personality, she actually provides comedic relief also. Her smart-assed remarks and the way she offended people certainly made me laugh more than once. I just remember how she was towards the lady in charge of the archives, god, Ms Salander certainly put HER in her place.

Encrypted Password? Please

The character development between Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist (who was played by Daniel Craig) I also found pretty interesting. At first, Mikael was interested, almost fascinated, by Lisbeth and her mannerisms, but then they eventually befriend and for a little while, it seems like they romantically interested in eachother. I almost cried at the end of the movie when she sees him with that slutty co-worker of his. 

That one scene, made such an impact on me.

You don't deserve her hey, hey's; you filthy manslut!

I almost cried, I'm not even kidding. I thought, maybe, although it's not direct about it, this could be the happy ending for her I wanted. God, she even told her stroke-ridden guardian that she made a friend that he'd approve of. Basically, he was the only other person that she cared for other than her legal guardians and then he lies to her face when she obviously has no one to spend christmas with and then to add insult to injury, goes and most likely deeply penetrates that damn harlot at the night in question.

Fuck you Mikael, I hope you burn for what you've done!

Mikael as a character I wasn't too interested in anyways; and I'm not just saying that because he broke Lisbeth's heart. All throughout the movie, I just didn't really care all that much about him. At the start of the movie, it wasn't really clear about what he did and I didn't figure out what he actually did to cause so much strife until the near end of the movie when they mentioned it again. The only part that mildly interested me about him was the fact that he pretty much hated religion and the cruel sting of irony that lead him to read the bible. It must of been hilariously confronting for him.

In fact, this movie in it's entirety, is pretty confronting. In many scenes, I found myself struggling to look at the screen.

This man does horrible, unspeakable things

This movie certainly isn't for those who a faint hearted or easily confronted. This movie uses very strong imagery to get what it needs to say across. They do not sugar coat it in anyway, it's basically what you see is what you're going to get. Even though this movie uses powerful, almost, aggressive imagery, it has so many depths and layers that I wouldn't even know where to start talking about them, and I could be here all day if I really wanted. Basically, this movie says so much, but it doesn't say so much more and it just leaves you wanting more.

All in all, I eagerly await a sequel to the movie and I'll most likely end up reading the books before that even comes out. I haven't watched a movie I enjoyed this much in a very long time, rarely do I have so many good things to say about a movie, movies these are all about explosions and lackluster, cliche plots, I'm so happy to have seen a change from this and I hope to see more movies like this.

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