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Monday, 28 January 2013

Global Game Jam Dairy

So, I'm going to be keeping a dairy of over the next 48 hours (46 if you wanna get technical) how our design process and my personal feelings about it.  The theme this year is the sound of a heartbeat

Hour 5
I just got home, we decided to rest for the night as we'll most likely be pulling an all nighter. We mostly focused on our main idea and how we're going to develop it. We're making a side-scrolling platformer in which your a Nanobot jumping from cell to cell in a blood stream inside someone's veins.

I really like this idea, but I feel my noobiness is going to affect our output already. I came up with 3 ideas during our discussion and one was taken into consideration. Which you know, feels pretty good to be honest. I mean, at least I contributed something. But when we began writing out the Design Doc, I was running out of things to type pretty quickly. So far, things are pretty laid back and chilled; I know that mindset won't last long.

Hour 22
We've almost finished all the scripting there are various complications coming up such as software complications and scripting errors. I'm contributing fairly well so far, I've mainly been working on sound effects and some texturing.

I still don't feel as if I'm really pulling weight, but then again, I think I'm keeping up so far. But when the game behind to come together, I'll most likely have less and less to do.

So far, we're still relatively calm, but other groups seem to be far ahead of us and that may add to stress also.

Hour 25
We've completed most of the scripts and we've gained quite a large Libary of assets. I've mostly contributed to the graphical and audio component. The stress is on as we still havent created a basic level yet.

Hour 29
It's about midnight and I feel really gross. I'm already exhausted and I feel slightly nauseous. And all that junk food is certainly not helping. We've done the audio pretty much, I'm trying to model in Maya but it's not really a strength of mine.

I want a bed. Already.

Hour 35 (I think)
So, that nausea turned into vomiting. So I ended up taking a short nap for about 3 hours. Everything seems to work in the level now when it comes to scripts, now it's just all about putting it together. I still feel a little off, but I think as soon as I eat something substantial, I'll probably feel alot better.

I've run out of things to do, right now I'm just touching up on the design doc, but after that, there's really nothing else I can do for the time being. I do not want to be lazy because laziness would make me tired. Well, even more so.

Hour 38
All that seems to be left is the level construction so there's very little for over half of our group to do. I'm trying to come up with names for our character. That's how scarce work is right now. I feel sorry for our programmers, they've been working solidly on this since we began this. Well, it'll soon be over for them at least. I just think everyone wants to crawl into their cozy beds for the week and just hibernate.

It's beginning to be very rushed and we've had to cut alot of our original features out just in hopes that we'll actually get our project done in time.

Okay, so I didn't update the last few hours because I felt disgusting. I'm still pretty sick now. But I'm happy with our final product. And we ended up winning the Perth Game Jam :D. I'm pretty stoked with this, this makes all the grossness I feel right now totally worth it.

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