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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Weekly Review: Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

Okay, so I was going through the app store today, and I saw yet another Final Fantasy spin-off. The price for it was 4.99 and to be honest, I thought it looked kinda shit. But I thought, maybe there's more depth to this?

I was wrong. I instantly regretted purchasing this product. Not only is it the one of the most mindless games I've ever played. It has casual elements to it AND there's expensive ass DLC on top of it. It's not bad enough you already made me pay almost 5 dollars for this?! The DLC you can purchase is extra maps and secret characters; and you don't even get to choose what character your purchase.

This is where you'll be spending most of your time when you play this shitheap.
Pretty much, the premise of this game is you slide your finger around the screen and if your character's ATB bar is full, they attack. Not only is there a shitton of things happening at once, but it's one hit KO to all your characters. The number at the top represents your max party members and the current ones you have. You get one every 3 minutes OR you can do this awesome thing when you can use an hourglass to get a max party.

IS THIS AWESOME FEATURE FREE?! You're asking me. No, it is not. Of course it isn't you idiots, haven't you got the memo that Square Enix has essentially turned Final Fantasy into what Activision has turned the FPS genre into. A pretty shitheap, is essentially what Square Enix has turned the Final Fantasy series into. They know they have a large fanbase, and takes advantage of this by making their customers pay out the ass for their games. Just like Call of Duty.

Hello casual game element. I have not missed you,

I'm a very loyal Final Fantasy fan. I was captivated by Final Fantasy X and I've played them all ever since. But, recently, their games don't seem to have that amazing charm that they used to. Square Enix has essientially become EA in my eyes now. If they keep this up, I'll swear off buying anything made by their company. Just like I already have for Activision and EA.

After today however, I am a Final Fantasy fan no longer. I didn't think I'd ever say that, I'll still play the previous games I enjoyed so much, but any future releases, I will be very hesitant in purchasing. This may be the last one I buy, that's how shit this game actually was. Yes it was just a spin-off, but I shudder for the main series.

Square Enix, I hope you get your shit together and I sincerely hope that this is just a stage. Or you're going to lose alot of loyal customers. Also, finish Versus XIII please, it's been like 6 years hasn't it? This game isn't even worth to wipe my arse. Get your shit together, you make me question the industry I'm going to work in one day.

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