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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Weekly Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I know this game has been out for awhile, but I still kinda enjoy this game. So, I've based this game review solely on that fact.

Oh hey there Jun, long time
no see
This game is a massive fan service. Mainly for the fact the characters who are hinted at being dead in the main series make a triumphant return in this game. This includes the fan favourite Jun, who is Jin's mother; you can even fight as her dark, and slightly boobified, counterpart, Unknown, which only appearance was in the first Tekken Tag Tournament.

Namco-Bandai also released a whole bunch of free DLC which included characters and stages. Now the characters were mainly just clones of current characters with slight variations (for example, Miharu was a clone of Xiaoyu, except Miharu was a cheap slut and fell on her arse alot.) Still, what did you expect with free DLC with THIS day and age?!

The loading times are significantly shorter than Tekken 6 (although, it could be because they made it compulsory to install your game this time around). I still think that's pretty impressive, since there could be four fighters on screen at any given time. I've noticed no lag, although I haven't played online.

One of the things this game is being critized on is the lack of character customization this time around. Well, it's still there, but people are complaining that there are less options to choose from. It only seems that way because Tekken 6 had the same costumes with different colour palettes, while with this one, the number seems to be less, but you can freely choose your colours, so in a way, there's actually more than you think it is. There is also a ridiculous amount of accessories to put in their hands and on their hips for them to use this time around. Below, you can see the one I made for Anna, as you can see, it's still possible to make a truly unique costume.

Here's Anna Williams as a slutty witch; sorry it's kinda blurry, I took the photo off my TV.
The one thing I have a problem with this game is how it pretty much forces you to rank up your favourite characters. Now, I hate to lose enough at this game as it is, but when it's recorded as a stat that'll constantly remind me of how much I failed, that just adds insult to injury. Now, I don't mind ranking up my character, but some days, I really just feel like a cruisey fight where I don't need to worry about that stuff. Sometimes, I just want to do Arcade, but in that mode now, they'll throw uber high ranks at you, which would not be friendly for a person just starting out on their Tekken journey.

Overall, I think this is a very well done game. The buzz surrounding it has kinda died down, but if any of you readers were considering buying this game, I'd definitely recommend it.

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