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Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Top 5 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Songs

Hello my chirpy readers,

I've been kinda addicted to the Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack, so I thought to myself, I may as well post my top 5 so far (although, this is subject to change.) I feel like I can't really list them in order yet, so I'm just going to list them in any order.

Paradigm Shift

This is one of the battle themes. But it makes me feel strange, I find this soothing; like I'm just laying on the ocean shore. You'd think this wouldn't go well at all with a battle theme, but it's actually a very well mixed soundtrack. There's a techno-like beat in the background, whilst the main chorus is a violinist playing a six bar melody (sorry if that's incorrect, I don't know my music terms very well, just listen and you'll know what I'm talking about)

Etro's Champion

When I first heard this song on the trailer, it got me so pumped up about this game. I mean, something about this soundtrack is just so exciting! It builds up to a climax, and once it reaches that climax; all hell breaks loose! It's amazing, just amazing, I feel like I can't explain it any other way

Worlds Collide

This song track, well, I don't know how to explain it. I just like it. It could be the subtle piano keys. It could be the dance/funk beat it has about it. Maybe it's the singer? Who knows? But one thing I have noticed about this game is that they've included ALOT more vocal tracks. This is one of the more tasteful ones, most of the other ones just sound too... j-pop

Here are some chocobos in battle attire... Because I wanted to okay?

This is one of the 'random encounter' battle themes. It got my juices flowing everytime I heard it. It was just like: "yay! Time to slay some hopelessly weak monster with chances of them joining my side!" I just love the electric guitar in this one. It's borderline Rock, I love it!

Crazy Chocobo

This... I mainly love this because they've turned the chocobo song in a hardcore metal song. If any of youse have played Final Fantasy as long as I have, you'll remember that's it's always a pretty mellow, upbeat melody whilst this one has adrenaline pumping sounds with screamo lyrics.

That's pretty much all I need to say about it. I know most of these are battle themes, that's probably because those are the ones you hear most so I guess I just related to them better. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Weekly Review: Final Fantasy 13-2

Hey guys,

sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been OBSESSED with the new Final Fantasy. So I thought to myself, I might as well write my weekly review about it.

That's the logo right there, soak the awesomeness in

Can I just say? I haven't been able to play a game properly since I pre-ordered the Crystal Edition from EB, everything just seem so... inadequate compared to this. I mean, yes, there were good alternatives, but Final Fantasy is, and always will be, my favourite RPG series. Some may say I'm even a fanboy... (god, why would I admit to these things?) Now that there's a giant, red target on my back, I will now begin my review.

Firstly, I'll touch briefly on the first one, I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII, but, I don't think it was their best work. Sure, they made some beautiful scenery, but you couldn't even really explore it, it was very linear, linear even for a, well, linear game. But the gameplay itself was inviting and fun.

And the soundtrack. Oh. My. God. Definitely my favourite video game soundtrack EVER. I've never heard anything with so much excitement and depth. I still listen to them on my iPod every now and then.

But sadly, I feel XIII-2 doesn't follow this trend. I found the music to be unfocused and too all over the place with it variety. Sure, I don't HATE the thing, but, I just feel like they were trying to be TOO out there with the experimenting with music thing. I'm just glad they threw an occasional track in there from Final Fantasy XIII in this game.

And the pre-order bonus was alot better than the first one. The Crystal Edition gave you alot considering you only paid an extra $15. You got the FULL soundtrack, an art book, a novella, free DLC, postcards and even a freakin' T-shirt (too bad they assumed I'm fat with it)

You also get this pretty box with it

The actual gameplay itself however, certainly has some improvements, but also some flaws with it too.

Think I'll start with the positives.

Monster Party Members: When I first heard that you could recruit monsters to join your team, I thought to myself: "oh great, this is gonna be shit then." But I was way off, I've found recruiting monsters is actually a shitload... of fun! They've given limitations really well too, it's not too restricting, but it doesn't just let you create an over-powered monster either (you could, just through lots and lots of infusions)

The Power of Choice: Live trigger conversations I found to be kinda amusing. I often got Serah to say alot of ditzy things. "Snow is my only family!" "Maybe the Fal'cie are just bored?" "Do you think my outfit would look better on you Yuj?" and so on and so forth. I know most have little impact on the story, but I still find them pretty cool.
Another note about the power of choice is you can easily replay a world you've already visited (from scratch too, as if you've never been there) I know how this could be appealing to perfections and platinum seekers, but as I am not one of them, this doesn't matter to me so much (but I still like having the option)

Characters: I've been reading that most people don't really like Serah and Noel all that much. But I think Square has done a decent job with them. I mean, yes, sometimes when Serah would talk I'd be like: "oh my god, could you be anymore stupid?" I mean, she's a school teacher in New Bodhum, I know I wouldn't trust her near my kids. But I think she was devoloped pretty well. And I just love Noel's backstory and his personality, he's a very chivalrous, but direct person. You just don't imagine those two traits going together, but they go pretty well with Noel.

And Caius, sure you had good intentions, but destroying the timeline ain't the way to go buddy. You ultimately evil bastard.

And as a little side note, I still chuckle when I use Mog throw, because I just find it hilarious when Mog struggles

Is it weird I find him oddly cute?

Those are the three main pros in my opinion, now for the cons

Story: The story in itself wasn't too bad, it was just easy to get lost in. I mean, yes, I do understand stories about time travel and paradoxes aren't exactly the easiest thing to tell. But could you at least alter the dialouge slighty if I hadn't found out that info yet? Like when I went to the Sunleth Waterscape instead of Yanchas Massif, Noel was like: "does she have the same power as Yuel?" At that point, I still didn't really know who she was yet so I was like: "uh.... what?"

Difficulty: I found this game very easy towards the mid-end portion of the game. I just found myself overpowered without any real grinding from me at all. Yes, and I know what you naysayers will say: "why don't you just try passing it with defaults?" or "why don't you just try passing it without using crystarium?" Well, you see, I like a challenge, not an impossiblity, I'm not THE best gamer out there you know?

Cliche Dialogue: As I was progressing through some scenes, sometimes what people said I thought to myself: "ugh, how did I know you were going to say that?" I know games need to have some predictability, but come out, I felt like some lines and scenes were very forced from some of the characters. It didn't really impact on my enjoyment to the game too much, but it still annoyed the crap outta me.

And those, my children, are my three main flaws in this game.

Overall, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, I can't wait for the character DLC to come, I really hope they finish the story with that, because I don't wanna buy XIII-3 -_- 

Monday, 30 January 2012


With the internet being more and more accessible to our fingertips, one must wonder how this impacts on our sex lives.

You'd assume it should really have none, as there is no physical touching involved, but there are so many websites, apps, chatroom, porn sites, dating sites and pages tailoring to every fetish. It's actually pretty easy to get laid on the web.

But how do you know that you're getting what you've bargained for?

"18" year old girl? Or 55 year old man?
There's no real way to tell who you're talking to is actually who they claim they are. I mean, that hot, young, perky 19 year old girl could actually be a boy hungry paedophile who has a suspicious white van. You're meeting this hot lady in a private place, hoping she'll put out and the next thing you know it, you're in a dark room, underpants to your ankles and wishing you were in Disneyland.

So here are some survival tips, because I don't people who read this to get kidnapped, because, well, the news wouldn't shut up about it and I have better things to watch.

Do NOT hand out your mobile so easily
You've talked to this person for like five minutes and they ask for your number?  Chances are they'll most likely stalk if you do. People these days don't realise how easy it is to stalk someone once you have their number, all you need is their number and they could easily find where you live. Mobile numbers are personal like that, you shouldn't give it out to any ol' slut on the internet.

Make sure you keep this safe kiddies

Add them on Facebook (Or Twitter if you're lame), and stalk them thoroughly
I know this might seem self-contradictory because of my last post, but the difference between that and your mobile phone is that it's alot easier to block someone on a social networking system. It's easy to tell if the person you're talking to is legit. Even if they don't use facebook alot, most people have a display picture, a few statuses and a few wallposts from friends. If they say "I don't have Facebook" or whatever, be on your guard, but don't cut all contact with them, they might actually not have one.

Go with your gut.
You know how sometimes when you talk to people you just get that... Off feeling about them? And a week later, they're on the news because they killed 3 people? Well the same rules apply on the internet. Your instincts are amongst the most powerful of tools you can have on the internet, so make sure you listen to it. If the guy you're talking to gives you the creeps ladies, chances are if you keep talking to him, you'll find him breathing on you in your sleep at 3 in the morning. So make sure you follow your gut at all times.

Don't send out your nudes too quickly.
People on the internet are scam artists and they'll do anything for a look at your private flesh. Don't fall for their "charms" too quickly otherwise you'll find yourself humiliated and embarrassed. Most people surprising keep their word when they say "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." But just in case, try to delay sending cock pics out as soon as you can, it could very well fire back in your face (no pun intended ;) )

Poor Slut

Get to know the person reasonably well
Before you decide to strip down on the webcam, make sure you talk to the person for a little bit. Try to aim for at least an hour. It's surprising how well you can get to know a person in an hour, you might just wanna get naked for the sake of seeing the other person's ding dong and that's all well and good, but you really should be careful, people are never who they claim they are on the internet and you could be stripping for an obese 35 year old man who rolls cover his junk, so it's not like you can see it anyways.

Insist on a public meeting place.
If youse have been talking foe awhile and want to meet up; that's all good, in fact, I encourage it. People can be different in person than on the internet and it's alot easier to analyse someone face to face as well. But, make sure you meet in a public place. DO NOT meet at their house the first time, that's just a recipe for disaster. I know it may seem like an obvious thing to say, but people do crazy things in the spur of the moment.

That's the five top tips I can give you, you are now armed with the knowledge to protect yourself. It's like having a can of pepper spray and having a blue belt in karate, you can protect yourself reasonably well. But, even the smartest of people can fall for internet scam artists so make sure you're extra careful with those with the silver tongue.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Setting Fire to the Rain

Setting Fire to the Rain... Achieving the impossible... Shedding all the weaknesses of the past and learning from them.

That's what I believe this means.

Let's take Tellah from Final Fantasy IV for example. In a last ditch effort to destroy Golbez, he casts meteor, hoping to achieve the final blow. A spell that hadn't been cast for a very long time. He shed the weakness of his age and the fear of possible death to try to destroy Golbez once and for all. But sadly, things don't always go as we plan and Tellah died because it used too much of his life force.

Sage Tellah achieving the impossible, 

and making it rain fire

Just like Sage Tellah's testament, sometimes, we can throw everything on the table and from a last ditch effort to shed the horrors of our world, it can destroy you in the process.

You shouldn't be so desperate to rid yourself of the past, without meditating and learning from them. If you rush the healing process too much, you'll end up hurting yourself (and others) beyond repair. Take your time and ease your healing steadily and at your own pace.

But don't be too complacent either.

Don't get too relaxed, you should take your own time with getting better, but you should NEVER come at a complete standstill. Self-discipline is crucial here as it is really up to you, and you alone, to move on from the past and take a step forward into a happier and brighter future.

And always remember how beautiful you truly are, never let it get you down, you just gotta chin up and smile!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Recent Western Power's Blackouts

So, for the third day in the row, suburbs surrounding me including my own have experienced power outages. So I thought to myself, "Have Western Power explained what is happening?"

So I go on their website and click on the power interruptions. I type in my Post code and it states "No known interruptions"

Um, excuse me?! I have had 'power interruptions' three days in a row!

So I decided to try another,


Seriously, how stupid do you think we are? You think if you didn't acknowledge the problem that we all just won't see that it happened. Can't you even give us an explanation? We deserve at least that much! I mean, we're paying thousands a year in electricity and it doesn't even seem to be functioning correctly half the time.

Is this how you treat us?

Maybe it's time to upgrade to more reliable resources? We could easily use a combination of wind power and solar power, because when it's cloudy it's usually somewhat windy. I mean, we're forking out around a thousand dollars in council fees, we might as well invest it towards something that's not useless security and removing graffiti that's only going to be there again a week later.

I'm hoping that this is the last power outage for awhile, but do you think that's wishful thinking?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weekly Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I saw this movie last week and. It. Was. Amazing! The plot, characters, settings, god, I just loved everything!

But one of my favourite parts was the magnificent acting by Rooney Mara (who played Lisbeth Salander)

Isn't she pretty?

I haven't read the original novels (I certainly want to after watching this movie,) but the character Rooney plays just fascinates me without end! I just desperately wanted to see her happy ending! I wanted to see her love another human being! I wanted her to see the other peoples weren't just tools and could be trusted!

But sadly, things don't always go the way we want them to.

So much crap happens to her throughout the movie, that it's no wonder she's so screwed up. I mean, she gets raped be her friggin financial manager for christ's sake. Is it through genetics or past events the reason why she's mentally insane? Very little is given about her past, I want, no, I need to know more. She confesses towards the near end of the movie that she tried to kill her father when she was ten. But why would she do this? Was her father sexually abusing her? Was he beating her mother? So many burning questions left unanswered!

Considering her very dark personality, she actually provides comedic relief also. Her smart-assed remarks and the way she offended people certainly made me laugh more than once. I just remember how she was towards the lady in charge of the archives, god, Ms Salander certainly put HER in her place.

Encrypted Password? Please

The character development between Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist (who was played by Daniel Craig) I also found pretty interesting. At first, Mikael was interested, almost fascinated, by Lisbeth and her mannerisms, but then they eventually befriend and for a little while, it seems like they romantically interested in eachother. I almost cried at the end of the movie when she sees him with that slutty co-worker of his. 

That one scene, made such an impact on me.

You don't deserve her hey, hey's; you filthy manslut!

I almost cried, I'm not even kidding. I thought, maybe, although it's not direct about it, this could be the happy ending for her I wanted. God, she even told her stroke-ridden guardian that she made a friend that he'd approve of. Basically, he was the only other person that she cared for other than her legal guardians and then he lies to her face when she obviously has no one to spend christmas with and then to add insult to injury, goes and most likely deeply penetrates that damn harlot at the night in question.

Fuck you Mikael, I hope you burn for what you've done!

Mikael as a character I wasn't too interested in anyways; and I'm not just saying that because he broke Lisbeth's heart. All throughout the movie, I just didn't really care all that much about him. At the start of the movie, it wasn't really clear about what he did and I didn't figure out what he actually did to cause so much strife until the near end of the movie when they mentioned it again. The only part that mildly interested me about him was the fact that he pretty much hated religion and the cruel sting of irony that lead him to read the bible. It must of been hilariously confronting for him.

In fact, this movie in it's entirety, is pretty confronting. In many scenes, I found myself struggling to look at the screen.

This man does horrible, unspeakable things

This movie certainly isn't for those who a faint hearted or easily confronted. This movie uses very strong imagery to get what it needs to say across. They do not sugar coat it in anyway, it's basically what you see is what you're going to get. Even though this movie uses powerful, almost, aggressive imagery, it has so many depths and layers that I wouldn't even know where to start talking about them, and I could be here all day if I really wanted. Basically, this movie says so much, but it doesn't say so much more and it just leaves you wanting more.

All in all, I eagerly await a sequel to the movie and I'll most likely end up reading the books before that even comes out. I haven't watched a movie I enjoyed this much in a very long time, rarely do I have so many good things to say about a movie, movies these are all about explosions and lackluster, cliche plots, I'm so happy to have seen a change from this and I hope to see more movies like this.